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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Stuck in a Blizzard

27 years ago yesterday I got stuck in a sudden blizzard in N Dakota for 14 hours. It went down to -35F and winds up to 80mph. 22 died in the storm (other reports claim only 16) but I survived by burning candles inside a sleeping bag tent. I was rescued by a couple of National Guardsmen early the next morning.  They drove their 4-wheel-drive pickup truck up and over the compacted drifts.  We also picked up a shivering cocker spaniel that had been left in a vehicle.  If I had driven only about a mile further, I would have made it to a heated rest stop.  We arrived to find numerous snow-plastered vehicles parked helter-skelter throughout the parking lot, looking like a scene from the 1983 movie "The Day After"

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