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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Great little DVD recorder

I've been helping the local Swan Valley Stampeders hockey team (MJHL) get their video equipment set up and they've bought this cool little DVD recorder, the Sony VRD-MC6.  Just plug in a video source with the red, white & yellow RCA jacks (or insert a memory card from your camcorder), insert a blank DVD and press the red button.  Very handy.  If you want a similar unit that also acts as a DVD player, then move up to the MC10 model.  The MC6 has a small colour display to show that video is actually going into the unit, but there is no headphone jack, so you have to take other measures to ensure the red & white cables are both working and that the audio signal is the right level.  Small enough to fit in a parka pocket - it will see a lot of action at the hockey games this year!

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